Scarborough Laundry & Garment Cleaning
2 Wrea Lane, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 7PN


How big is your carbon footprint.?

Laundry done locally is not only more advantageous for the ability to solve problems faster and obtain quicker turnarounds
but it also helps lower your carbon footprint as your laundry is not being ferried half way around the country as with many
of the larger laundry processing companies.

Being situated centrally in the area we serve, the maximum range
of our vehicles is lowered to around 65 miles.
If You have an emergency or need extra items quickly
We can sort it in a couple of hours.

Supporting us as a local business also supports the local workforce
and we employ 8 people all from the immediate vicinity.

We have tested out many different types of soap powders,
cleaners and chemicals and are now running at the lowest
possibe chemical content in our effluent discharge.
Good for us, Our Customers and the Environment.

Help lower your Carbon Footprint......
Use Local environmentally friendly business's.

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